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do-onas The company Cemhurt Materiały Budowlane Sp. z o.o. Is a trading company offering comprehensive services in the sale of building materials and finishing. The company sells wholesale, retail and service deals with construction projects.

We deliver materials from small building for individual customers as well as a great investments – shopping centers, housing estates, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and public buildings.

We work with leading manufacturers of building materials allowing you to negotiate the best prices and the highest quality goods.

A great asset of the Company and undeniable argument for a partnership is with us, is a constant, a large selection of building materials, expert advice on the possible application of materials and a very quick procedure of financial formalities.

We hope that thanks to efficient organization of work, honesty and reliability we reached high position in the market, and the cooperation with us will bring tangible benefits to both parties.

We care about your peace of mind ... We respect your valuable time